FAQ - Getting Started

  • Why Join?

    Celect offers state-of-the-art online organizational management tools and networking services for thousands of organizations of all types and sizes. Find out how we can help you!

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  • What is Celect.org™?
    Celect.org™ (which we also refer to as "Celect") is the name of our proprietary suite of organizational management and networking services we built from the ground up for member driven organizations. Celect allows your organization to have a branded website and have the back-end tools to edit website content, manage your member database & profiles, share photos and calendar events, post files & news, coordinate fundraisers & other donations campaigns, and much more.
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    What type of organizations use Celect.org™?
    Over 1,300 organizations of various sizes and types utilize Celect.org™. These vary from churches and other faith-based groups, high schools and school districts, collegiate and alumni organizations, professional associations, foundations and other non-profit groups, and any other member-based groups who seek to have an easy-to-manage web presence.
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    How do we get started with the setup of a website?
    Simply contact us at sales@celect.org or call us, toll-free, at 888-88CELECT. One of our National Sales Executives would be happy to give you a demonstration of Celect’s services and show you ways to help your organization do more and do better online.
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    Do I need any special technical skills to set up a website with Celect?
    Celect was created for non-technical people. If you can send emails and use Microsoft Word, then you can maintain your site’s content with ease. All content is managed from easy to follow screens and icons which require no technical knowledge. Every tool you use to update your website will be provided for you once you login as an administrator. The information you enter will automatically update on the live website. It’s that simple! We have had web administrators with no web experience create some of the most stunning and thorough websites.
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    How long does it take to get a website up and running?
    Celect has made the website set-up process simple. We begin by emailing you an "Items Needed" document, which contains requests of specific information and items directly related to your organization. Once you return the items requested, the Implementations team begins building the website and web design. Typically, a new website will take 15-20 business days to complete. National and larger organizations may take longer given the complexity of the website needs.
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    I would like our website to look different than any other site on our campus. What role can I play in designing our website?
    We currently have over 40 different sample layout designs from which you can choose. Within each sample layout, you are free to pick the color scheme, text size, font, and graphics you desire. You also have the option to choose features from multiple sample layout designs to create your own unique website. Small animation elements, like a moving header, can be incorporated as well.
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    What happens after my website goes live?
    Once your site has been completed, we will email you your login information and other support materials. We will provide you with one-on-one training and from there you will have the ability to update your website anytime.
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    What other products and services do you have that will help me run my organization?
    We have developed a full suite of add-on options that will help you better manage and fund your organization. These products range from taking payments right on your website to helping you with growing your member base. For detailed information on these services, please visit Our Services.
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    What do national and larger size organizations think about your web services?
    During this past year, we have gone to many conferences in the collegiate, faith, and professional fields. At these conferences, it has been our pleasure to meet with many National Board members to discuss our product and their needs. We are currently working with many national organizations and plan on meeting with others in the near future. If you would like to schedule a meeting with our staff, please contact us via the contact page.
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