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  • At Celect, we believe education plays an influential role in people’s lives.  In K-12 education, our children, parents, teachers, and administrators form groups and networks that have effects that last a lifetime.  Our schools are a binding link within the community, bringing people together.


    Additionally, we cater to lifelong learning educational institutions, such as language learning programs or experiential volunteer groups.  We believe that learning lasts a lifetime, and we strive to help these groups create an online presence to promote their educational accomplishments in a purposeful way.


    Whether your educational organization is for children, adults, in your local community, or a program abroad, Celect helps you to create a “glocal” environment, that is, to “think globally and act locally.” 


    With this attitude, the sky is the limit from the educational networks your organization chooses to create—from classrooms, administrator groups, parent associations, to partner classrooms with schools abroad—we strive to help you improve your communications internally, as well as make new connections to promote knowledge-sharing outside your organization.

    Enhance Your Presence

    By using a web-based management and networking tool successfully, your organization can enhance its community presence and public outreach.


    Consider the various ways your organization needs to communicate with others about your activities.  For instance, sharing calendars, coordinating fundraisers, or sharing photos.  Utilizing an online management system will help to centralize and promote your organization’s values, goals, and mission in a purposeful way.  Click here to see a full list of the features, tools and benefits that Celect offers.


    Celect will help you build your public image as well as give you assistance as you manage your organization’s daily activity. There is no need to have a tech-savvy “webmaster” who manages your website. The Celect platform allows organizations to assign members to a “member role,” which permits members to participate on the website according to the role the have in the actual organization.

    Connect, Reconnect and Network

    Celect realizes that many local groups are often part of a larger organization. Our web-based networking system helps bring your members, sub-groups, and parent organizations together.  Our features allow limitless cross connections between individual members, local groups, or national administrators.  We facilitate better communication professionally, however, our system also allows members to create interest groups and communicate with peers on a more personal level.  We help your organization stay networked more often, more effectively, and more personally.

    Member Management and Recruitment

    The Celect platform is designed to help you reach out to your members and create effective channels of communication to retain their membership.  Not only does our platform help you maintain contact with your current members, but we can help you recruit new members as well.  The Celect system has special tools designed specifically for recruitment efforts and building your member base.  Your organization can better target potential new members and follow through with recruitment communications.

    To learn how Celect can help your K-12 or Educational Group create a web presence and manage your day-to-day member activity, call 1-888-88CELECT, or email us here.

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